NZXT H6 Flow review

NZXT H6 Flow PC Case Review

This NZXT H6 Flow PC case review focuses on the latest iteration from a company that has relatively recently embraced designs prioritizing airflow, while still pushing the envelope in terms of subtle style. NZXT is in a great place right now, and the H6 Flow is another strong contender in the space.

Cool in More Ways Than One

NZXT’s H6 Flow is definitely a looker. The main aesthetic highlight is the panoramic glass panels that offer a seamless, unobstructed view of the internals. Moreover, the case’s compact dual-chamber structure not only improves thermal performance but also presents a clean aesthetic.

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The inclusion of three pre-installed 120mm RGB fans adds to its vibrant appeal, while the perforated top and side panels optimize airflow and reduce dust intrusion. The tool-free access to these panels is a notable convenience, facilitating easy upgrades and maintenance.

Easy Build

Building in the H6 Flow is as straightforward as ever, with NZXT having nailed down the formula when it comes to ease of use, providing plenty of routing options for cables, and support for a wide range of components. It supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, and boasts clearances for up to 365mm GPUs and 200mm PSUs.

Additionally, it supports CPU coolers up to 163mm in height and top radiators up to 360mm, making it versatile for both air and liquid cooling setups.

Happy Temps

NZXT H6 Flow review

The case’s thermal performance is impressive, with the pre-installed fans and optimized perforation pattern keeping temperatures reassuringly low. As seen with other airflow-focused cases, more mesh usually leads to more noise. However, the H6 Flow’s audio output is comparable to the competition and remains relatively quiet, especially with the right fan profile tuning.

Final Verdict

Priced starting at $109.99 and available in black or white, the NZXT H6 Flow PC Case stands out with its stylish design, practical features, and efficient cooling performance. While it has some limitations, such as noise levels and limited drive support, these are overshadowed by its overall value and functionality. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a compact, visually appealing case that doesn’t compromise on performance. Whether for a gaming rig or a professional workstation, the H6 Flow is a versatile and attractive option in the mid-tower case market.

Disclosure: NZXT H6 Flow sample provided for review.

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