last epoch paladin leveling build

Last Epoch: Best Paladin Leveling Build

The Paladin is a warrior unafraid of facing adversaries head-on in Last Epoch. He thrives in battle with high DPS (damage per second) and a 360 AoE (area of effect), granting a distinct advantage in most encounters. This combat style demands resilience, making it unsuitable for the faint of heart.

What’s the best Paladin leveling build in Last Epoch?

The optimal Paladin leveling build in Last Epoch centers around achieving immortality on the battlefield paired with exceptionally high damage. This build emphasizes increasing the Paladin’s damage output, and fortifying their ability to heal from enemy attacks. Let’s explore how to level up your game effectively.


  • Early Game (Level 1-10)
    • Prioritize the Warrior’s Bastard Sword of Conflagration for a chance to bleed on hit.
    • Utilize the Mighty Silver Ring of Deflection to enhance the movement speed of the paladin.
  • Mid Game (Level 11-25)
    • Aim for the Guardian’s Cavalier Shield of Deflection for improved shielding.
    • Acquire the Cleric’s Heretical Script of Deflection for additional Void Resistance.
  • Late Game (Level 26+)
    • Focus on acquiring Healing Hands by farming exiled mages, providing a decisive advantage in battles. This is sure to bring your hero up after a rough encounter with enemies.

Passive Tree

In the early stages of the passive tree, prioritize nodes that enhance the Paladin’s strength and health, such as multiple levels of Juggernaut and Hammer Throw. As you progress, incorporate new abilities like Rive and Javelin to gain a strategic edge in fights.

Best Suffixes

  • Opt for bleed on hit or fire penetration for increased attack effectiveness.
  • Prioritize health and resistance against various elements in the game.

Best Prefixes

  • Look for levels of Rive, Javelin, and Healing Hands.
  • Seek damage over time attributes, including fire and lightning damage.


  • Collect idols that provide bleed, poison, or ignite on hit.
  • Prioritize idols with health, vitality, and resistance bonuses.

This comprehensive approach to items, the passive tree, and idols ensures Paladin’s continuous progression, combining offensive prowess with robust survivability for an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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