Monopoly Go New Sticker Album March 2023 Details Info Release Date

Monopoly Go New Sticker Album March 2024: Making Music Details & Info [Update]

A Monopoly Go new sticker album is on its way in late March 2024, and it’s going to be called Making Music. We don’t know too much about the Making Music album quite yet, but we have some details and info that we know about. The most obvious part is that the release date for this new set of stickers is March 28, 2024, which is when the Monopoly Origins sticker album ends as indicated by the countdown clock for it in the game. Here’s what we know so far about the Making Music sticker album for Monopoly Go on iOS and Android.

[Update: We’ve got a list of all the stickers and their rarities for the album here.]

What are the Monopoly Go new sticker album sets?

There is going to be 26 sets for the new sticker album for Monopoly Go.

This means that the Making Music album will be the exact same size as the Monopoly Origins album. If this follows the pattern, we can expect each set to have 9 stickers, meaning that there will be 234 stickers in total.

We’re not sure how many prestige sets there will be, but going off on Monopoly Origins, there should be five prestige sets that unlock after players complete their first album. We hope that there aren’t as many gold stickers in this album given that the Golden Blitz schedule has been rather sparse for how many there are in Monopoly Origins.

If we get information on what the name of the stickers are and what rarities they will be, we’ll create a separate guide for that and link to it here.

How long will the Monopoly Go new sticker album for March 2024 last?

The Making Music sticker album for Monopoly Go should last roughly 80 to 85 days, if the Monopoly Origins album is any indication. This means that it should run from March 28, 2024 to some time in mid to late July.

Hopefully, some time between them, we will know more about the Builders Bash and Lucky Chance features. Scopely has been holding on these two new boosts for quite awhile, but we have seen some screenshots of the landmarks being reduced in price during Builders Bash. Both of these features will help complete the new Making Music album.

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