Stumble Guys slide level

Fall Guys Clone Stumble Guys Coming to PlayStation and Xbox

The Fall Guys clone Stumble Guys is on its way to PlayStation and Xbox sometime soon. The game is already free-to-play on Steam, browser, and mobile, and that will technically be true on consoles. However, as an online game, it requires a PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Stumble Guys is coming to PlayStation and Xbox

The obstacle course battle royale game Fall Guys was a big hit when it came out in 2020. Various mobile games attempted to capitalize on its popularity since. Stumble Guys is one of the more successful examples, with respectable ratings on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store.

It’s unclear exactly when the game will arrive on consoles, however, developer Scopely said that the game will soon come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. Anyone who is looking forward to trying the game on consoles can pre-register on the official Stumble Guys website. Customers who pre-register get two free emotes and the Karat Krusher, a golden boxer character.

Unsurprisingly, Stumble Guys is very similar to Fall Guys, with players racing through various zany obstacle courses. This includes many original levels, though a few are more clearly inspired by Fall Guys courses. The game supports up to 32 players in a single stage, which is notably less than the 60 players in Epic Games’ Fall Guys. The main area where Stumble Guys stands out is the titular guys, called Stumblers. These humanoid characters are highly varied, and there are a good number of them.

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