Sons of the Forest: a helicopter covered in vines with a skull on a stick in the foreground.

Sons of the Forest Leaves Early Access, Huge Update Rolls Out

Fans of horror will be pleased to know that version 1.0 of Endnight GamesSons of the Forest is finally out. Not only does this mean it’s now out of Early Access, but the patch that’s started rolling out comes with heaps of changes and fixes.

Including new mutants and a new title screen

A recent post on Steam outlines exactly what 1.0 comes with. The developer opens by saying how the team is “super excited for you guys to play all the new additions, changes, and fixes.” Sons of the Forest was released in 2023 to critical praise and has been kept in good shape with frequent updates.

It was initially released as an Early Access title on Steam almost a year ago to the day, but this latest patch represents a full release for the survival horror game.

Among the laundry list of new features and improvements, you can look forward to such things as five new cut scenes, the addition of raccoons to the titular forest, a new cave, and so much more.

There have also been a number of tweaks to the gameplay as well, such as allowing you to carry up to four stones, as well as some improvements to AI. The full patch notes are quite the read, with too many things to list here.

Sons of the Forest is the follow-up to the 2014 indie survival horror game The Forest. Players are tasked with surviving in a harsh wilderness inhabited by monstrous creatures while they eat, sleep, and build shelters for protection.

Suffice it to say, if you’ve been enjoying the sequel so far, version 1.0 sounds like it’s taking things to the next level, and Endnight will surely be keeping on top of things even more going forward.

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