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Fire Emblem Engage ‘Censorship’ Removes Romance Lines for Underage Characters — Report

Cries of Fire Emblem Engage “censorship” have followed the alleged findings of a datamine of the Japanese version of the game, which has then been compared to the English version. The most notable change is the removal of suggestive romance lines shared between underage characters.

Fire Emblem Engage romance lines removed for underage characters

As captured in the tweet by user @Mondblut1984, Nintendo’s localization team reportedly cut or changed many suggestive exchanges between underage characters.

Fire Emblem Engage JP vs ENG ‘censored’ voice lines

@Mondblut1984 highlights the change allegedly made to one of Anna’s lines:

  • JP: Even if it’s too early for us to be lovers, don’t you think we can be partners.
  • ENG (Paraphrased): We had a pretty success, I suppose we can be called partners.

Examples of other voice lines that have reportedly been changed include:

  • JP: Thank you. I am the luckiest man in the world. From now on, to only you, I will give you my love that is bigger than the desert.
    • ENG: Thank you. I am the luckiest man in the world. From now on, to only you, I will give you my love that is bigger than the desert.
  • JP: I want you to become my partner. To fight with me, and then… walk together with me.
    • ENG: I want you to be my closest confidant. Are you willing to walk and fight by my side?
  • JP: Thank you Divine One! I will never leave it behind. This ring, and even you. I won’t let a single scratch on them… I will protect them for my entire life.
    • ENG: Let it serve as a reminder of our everlasting friendship then, No matter what happens, as long as you see this on my finger, you know I’ll be there for you.

If the data mined information is accurate, it’s clear that the localization team has worked to scrub clean any voice lines that could suggest a romantic relationship between the underage characters.

Should Nintendo put out an official statement on the matter, this post will be updated accordingly.

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