Helldivers 2 Major Orders Rewards Missing Bug

Is There a Helldivers 2 Major Orders Rewards Bug?

You may have noticed that you haven’t received your Major Order rewards lately in Helldivers 2. Despite the community’s successful completion of the Major Orders objectives, many haven’t gotten their medals yet. So, we’re left wondering if Major Orders are bugged or if players did something wrong.

Are Helldivers 2 Major Order rewards bugged?

You’re not alone if you’re missing your Major Order medals in Helldivers 2 from liberating Heeth, Angel’s Venture, and Tien Kwan. Many players are missing rewards totaling up to 95 medals. That’s a decent chunk of change, and those looking forward to receiving them are wondering if the reward is bugged or if they didn’t complete the Major Order correctly.

According to the devs, Major Order rewards are currently bugged in Helldivers 2. The following statement was shared in the official Discord:

“All helldivers will receive their medals they fought and bled for. Our super computer is doing its thing now. Your efforts will be rewarded!”

Unfortunately, the studio has bigger fish to fry right now. Server issues are the dev’s main concern and likely have something to do with the reason that Major Order rewards are bugged. There’s no ETA on when to expect the medal rewards to be distributed, but at least it’s on the to-do list.

In the meantime, the best advice is to stay patient and keep an eye on official channels for updates. The developers are well aware of the issue and are prioritizing it alongside improving server stability. It’s a waiting game, but the commitment to rectify the problem is clear. Remember, your achievements haven’t gone unnoticed, and the promise from the developers ensures that your rewards are on their way. So, hang tight, and soon enough, you’ll have your well-earned medals to show for your efforts in Helldivers 2.

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