Monopoly Go Sticker Boom Schedule March 2024 When Next SB Boost Event

Monopoly Go Sticker Boom Schedule for March 2024: When Is The Next SB Boost?

The Monopoly Go Sticker Boom schedule for March 2024 has the potential to be more active than last month’s. Given that we will likely experience more Golden Blitz events by the end of March as we get closer to the end of the Monopoly Origins sticker album, we might have more Sticker Boom events as well. So far, though, the connection between the Sticker Boom and Golden Blitz has not been that obvious. That said, we will likely see more Sticker Boom events in various mini-games. Here’s when to expect the next Sticker Boom for Monopoly Go in March 2024.

What is the Monopoly Go Sticker Boom schedule for March 2024?

Below is a list of the dates and times for the Monopoly Go Sticker Boom schedule for the month of March 2024. There have yet to be a Sticker Boom this month, but we’ll update this with any new info we get about any future SB event.

  • March 7, 11:00 AM PT to March 8, 5:00 AM PT – 1-Hour Sticker Boom
  • February 27, 11:00 AM PT to February 28, 5:00 AM PT – 1-Hour Sticker Boom
  • Galactic Treasures Event – 13th Milestone has 30-Minute Sticker Boom
  • February 18, 8:00 AM PT to February 19, 2:00 AM PT – 1-Hour Sticker Boom

So far, we have had a Sticker Boom about once every two weeks when it comes to the daily boost schedule. So we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw one of these boosts around March 8, 2024.

That said, we have seen the Sticker Boom as a reward in various mini-games such as the digging treasure event and the co-op partner event. It hasn’t been too difficult to acquire the Sticker Boom this way as a milestone in an event. And really this is a good thing because you can control when you want to activate a SB so that you can combine it with a Wheel Boost, the pink sticker vault, or the second half of a main event which tends to have several 5-star purple sticker packs.

Sadly, the Sticker Boom doesn’t impact the new Wild Sticker boost, so you will only get a 50% boost to sticker packs.

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