Genshin Impact Dehya and Mika

Genshin Impact Dehya and Mika: Release Date and Leaked Abilities

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has confirmed the release date of Dehya and Mika, who’ll be arriving along with update 3.5 for the hit open-world gacha RPG. Leaked abilities for the characters each have been released online too, adding to the considerable hype from players eagerly anticipating their release. Dehya, a Sumeru martial artist Pyro character, will join the current cast of 63 playable Genshin Impact characters, along with Mika, a Cryo cartographer from Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact: Dehya and Mika release date

As confirmed by miHoYo themselves on Twitter, Dehya and Mika will release in the next update, which should begin on March 1, 2023. In-game chapters in Genshin Impact last six weeks, with 3.4’s beginning later this week on January 18th, so 3.5’s March start can be easily deduced.

Dehya and Mika’s leaked abilities

According to leaks, Mika will feature as a 4-star Polearm character while Dehya is a 5-star Claymore user, with some of their abilities appearing in further leaks online. Dehya’s leaked kit on Reddit is suggesting her elemental skill is similar to Fischl’s, with the ability to move where the skill hits, with a second press of the skill button triggering a small AoE explosion.

Mika’s Cryo kit apparently has both a tap and a hold version of his elemental skill, where the tap will deal Cryo damage and mark nearby enemies. The hold input of the skill will allow players to mark enemies for even higher Cryo damage, likely to be used best on a more Cryo-focused team with Mika taking more of a support or utility role.

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