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Skull and Bones Update 1.000.004 Patch Notes for February 27

The Skull and Bones update 1.000.004 patch notes for February 27 are now available for players to read. The new Skull and Bones patch adds Season 1 content.

The first season of Skull and Bones is titled “Raging Tides” and adds new rivals known as the Plaguebringers to the game. By defeating the fleet of Pestilence, players can anger the Plague King. He can send strong foes against players who carry rare loot, challenging players to defeat them. Hence, this article showcases the new Skull and Bones update and Season 1 reveals.

Skull and Bones Update for February 27 reveals Season 1 content

Here is the List of additions and fixes with the Skull and Bones update for February 27:

New Additions

Kingpin Bounties

  • Starting Week 2: March 5 – 26, 2024
    • Jaws of Retribution: Introducing Zamaharibu!
  • Starting Week 5: March 26 – April 16, 2024
    • Anguish from the Abyss: Rode Maangodin

Seasonal Contracts

  • 3 unique contracts: The African Ailment, The Pursuing Plague and The Encroaching Epidemic
    • Complete these contracts to receive the seasonal vanities for your captain and ship
  • 1 repeatable contract: Peste Control
    • Deliver 2 Plaguebringer Captain heads to Robin Blackwood to earn Silver and White Skull Gin!

Smuggler Pass

  1. A mysterious messenger has arrived at the docks of Sainte-Anne, bringing with him brand-new blueprints from foreign lands. While he won’t trade those for gold, you can complete challenges to get your hands on them.
  2. Carronade
    • A revolutionary, lightweight cannon. The advanced design boasts power, accuracy, and low recoil, at the expense of range.
  3. Wailing Ward
    • Engineered by La Peste’s cronies. Its surface is coated to be resistant to their own toxic arsenal.
  4. La Peste Schematics I
    • Increases damage to weak points to enemy ships by 10%. Reveals weak points on the Fleet of Pestilence



  • [Legendary Heist] The Heist ambushers will exhibit more threatening behaviours to players that have obtained the Helm-coveted loot.
    • Ambushers will spawn more frequently
    • More ambushers may spawn each time
  • [Hostile Takeover] Increased the participation capacity of the following Manufactories during a Hostile Takeover Opportunity:
    • Coast of Africa: Mchanga, Jiwe Weaver, Jiwe Fort, Harufu Weaver, Harufu, Bandari, La Corde Weaver, Port des Mines, Fond-de-la-Baie, Grand-Fort, Shjavu
    • Red Isles: Lambda Weaver, Raoifa, Tsifo Lumberyard, Tanzako Lumberyard, Tenina Town, Guerande, Foundrie Royale, Sainte-Amelie, Fort Du Lys, Du Bois Lumberyard, La Basitde
    • East Indies: Suny Capital, Fort Granbie, Damai, South Damai Foundry, Kencur Lumberyard, Kota Lama, Fort Prakoso, Lada Foundry, Lada, Subur Lumberyard, Kampong Subur, Laar, Fort Premie, Laar South Lumberyard, Oosten Capital
  • Rebalanced the generation of Opportunities to scale accordingly based on the number of players that have unlocked a region

Ship Perks, Rank and Equipment

  • [Bedar] Adjusted the Lancer perk available on the Bedar to reduce the flooding status effect damage dealt.
    • Dev note: The Bedar’s flooding status effect was incorrectly dealing damage against ships that were higher in ship rank. We have added a Ship rank adjustment to status effects. The adjustment was made to increase fairness when in combat against PVP and PVE targets.
  • [Ship Rank] The ship rank max cap has been increased from 11 to 12.
  • The gear scores of the following Epic-tier equipment have been adjusted:
    • Carronade: increased by ~9%
    • Blue Specter: increased by ~9%
    • Dardanelles Gun: increased by ~18%
    • Twinwinch Ballista: increased by ~18%
    • Le Fléau: increased by ~5%
    • Wrathful Ward: increased by ~5%
    • Black Prince: increased by ~5%
    • Dev note: Gear scores have been increased slightly to make Ship Rank 12 more accessible.


  • For Contract “Unwelcome Aboard”, the Skirmisher spawn rate has been reduced

World Events

  • Changed “The Colonial Ship” World Event invite condition to Infamy Tier 9, Cutthroat

Captain’s Logbook

  • When performing a “View in Map” from a Contract giver, the logbook tabs are now disabled and the Player can only be in the map tab.


  • Updated various world event tutorials to include group gameplay recommendations
  • Updated tutorial text in during the early Helm contracts to include information about the disabling of Fast Travel after currency is collected from the manufactory. Fast travel is disabled until the user returns to the Helm office in Sainte-Anne.

Goods & Resources

  • Cooldown for using consumable items is reset after player is sunk and respawns at sea


  • Improved resolution of various dialogue cutscenes


[Photomode] Players may now access Photomode through the action wheel whilst in combat



  • [Helm Wager] Dens like Telok Penjarah and Sainte-Anne will no longer be selected as a point of delivery.
  • [Cutthroat Cargo] Fixed an issue where the carrier of the Legendary Map did not receive a notification and was not able to Disembark to an outpost after running out of time.


  • [A Nose for Business] The contract is now available when player quits to main menu and reconnects to the game.
  • [Job Board] Fixed an issue where the object for “Tavern Fruit” is incorrectly updated when the contributors own a partial number of the required item each.
  • Fixed an issue where player will not receive any crafting materials to craft the Bedar if their ship was encumbered while submitting the contract, “A Seaworthy Ship”

The Helm

  • [Ongoing] Provided a partial fix to allow some affected players that were previously unable to enter the Helm Office to enter.
    • Producer’s note: We recognise that this fix may not impact all affected players that are stuck at the “Taking the Helm” contract. Investigation on the issues relating to “Taking the Helm” is still ongoing. If you are still facing issues after the Season 1 patch, please contact our Support Team with more details.
  • Fixed an issue where players are stuck in an infinite loading screen after they enter the Helm Office when asked to meet Yanita for the second time
  • Fixed an issue where the objective for Roving Orders from the order registry incorrectly requires only 1 Skull Rum instead of the intended quantity of 100.


  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial for Cutthroat Cargo was displayed instead of the Helm Wager tutorial when a player first encounters Helm Wager event

Goods & Resources

  • Helm Wager Chest should now appear in the player’s inventory when the player accepts the Helm Wager activity.


  • Resolved an issue where the placeholder text was present during the dialogue scene with Admiral Rahmah upon completion of the contract “Dawn of War”
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue scene does not play when player turns in the Helm Lease to Yanita
  • Fixed an issue where players have to interact twice with Yanita to progress in “A Nose for Business” contract


  • [PS5] Increased loading speed of Outpost assets during the loading screen that happens while player disembarks from ship
  • Fixed an issue where distant views are obscured by a glow when player is near Navigators’ Cross outpost in the evening


  • Fixed a “Host Left Server” error that occurs after the Cutthroat Cargo carrier attempts to disembark from the outpost after respawning post Death screen.
  • [Free Trial] Fixed an issue where player is frequently disconnected from the Free Trial version if they shift from Premium Edition to Free Trial version while processing resources in the Refinery
  • [Ubisoft Connect] Fixed an issue where player is stuck in Main menu after trying to open Ubisoft Connect with network disconnected via router
  • [Ubisoft Connect] Ubisoft Connect now closes automatically during a network interruption
  • [Xbox] Loss of service while purchasing a vanity from the store will lead the player back to main menu with an error message.


  • Fixed an issue where the Countdown Timer shows the reset to be done at start of Season 1. The reset will take place at the end of Season 1.
  • [Vanity Atelier] Fixed an issue where the wrong currency (gold) icon was displayed for items that was supposed to cost silver
  • [In-Game News] The player is now properly being redirected to the additional detail screen after using the “Details” button on the article.
  • [Store] Fixed an issue where Currency Cost of items from vanity sets do not show the correct value
  • [Investigation] Fixed an issue where Investigation icons on the Map and Compass HUD will not be properly displayed after using fast travel.
  • [Helm Wager] The target outpost of Helm Wager is now marked on the compass and map
  • [Helm Wager] The untrack button now appears as intended after hovering the map cursor on the current player carrying the Helm wager chest
  • [Legendary Heist] Fixed an issue where Heist route is not displayed on the Helm Map after the player joins the Opportunity
  • Fixed an issue where a placeholder text for the name of the Cutthroat Cargo holder that was sunk is shown on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the Empire and Weekly Seasonal timer were not synced
  • Fixed an issue where 2 Helm supply deal markers are displayed on the map and compass when unlocking a Roving Supply deal
  • Fixed an issue where the damaged received indicator persists even when the ship does not receive damage.
  • [Black Market] Fixed several instances where the item name and descriptions for various vanities are displaying placeholder text in all languages
  • Fixed an issue where in-game menu pop-ups were not shown for the Vanity items obtained from the Premium Edition after purchase from the Xbox store
  • [Helm Wager] Fixed an issue where player is unable to join or quit the Helm Wager activity from the Empire Overview map
  • Fixed an issue where pressing ‘Join Event’ during the Opportunity notification causes the Map to open instead of joining
  • [Vanity Atelier] Fixed an issue where the option to ‘Buy’ is displayed even after player owns the item
  • Miscellaneous UI & menu fixes


  • Fixed a control input that enabled players to unlock Helm upgrade without being able to see the upgrade details


  • [Voiceover] Robotic voices are present on the dialogue scene for the contract “The Devil’s Maw”
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps are only audible on the left side of headphones
  • Fixed issue with audio when Greekfire continues firing when weapon runs out of ammunition


  • [Epilepsy tool] Fixed a Spatial Pattern Fail that occurs while navigating the Knowledge Menu
  • [Text/Voice Chat] – The narration feature now reads buttons labels in the Chat Window


  • ‘Pirate Assemble’ trophy does not unlock for player if he joins the group of 2 friends by joining them from another world


  • Integrated further engine Optimisation to mitigate crashes caused by device memory issues
  • [Ubisoft Connect] Fixed an incorrect value shown in-game overview regarding the number of ships that can be crafted
  • [Loading] Optimised loading times that occur when entering or exiting the Helm Office
  • [Introduction] Fixed an issue where the player’s ship sinks even when they do not get hit my reinforcement’s attack
  • Miscellaneous Localisation fixes

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