Tales of Arise on Xbox Game Pass

Tales of Arise Xbox Game Pass Release Potentially Leaked by Microsoft

Excitement is brewing among fans of the Tales series as their critically acclaimed latest entry may potentially be on its way to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Tales of Arise remains one of the most visually stunning action RPGs with a heavy emphasis on exploration.

Tales of Arise was mentioned in the title of an Xbox Wire article that listed new games for February. However, it was quickly removed from the title. Thankfully, fans have shared screenshots to back up this claim, and speculation is still ongoing as a result.

Leaks suggest that Tales of Arise is set to debut on Xbox Game Pass

Tales of Arise was originally included in Game Pass’ lineup of February releases, but the game has since been removed from Xbox’s official round-up of games. However, fans are still hopeful for its debut on Xbox Game Pass. This is because Bandai Namco released the game in 2021 and added a DLC to it during the final months of 2023.

Tales of Arise was released by Bandai Namco in 2021. Since then, Bandai Namco has not addressed any future plans regarding the game, arguably making it prime time for the game to be listed on video game subscription services like the Xbox Game Pass. This would typically create a surge in player base and bring in revenue through DLC sales as well.

Though it was seemingly mistakenly added to the list, Tales fans are hoping the game will make its debut alongside titles reserved for the latter half of February. This is purely speculation and nothing has been confirmed on behalf of Microsoft.

Often hailed as the best in the series, Tales of Arise has a thought-provoking story filled with fantasy elements and stunning action sequences. By debuting on Game Pass, this may bring a wider audience reach to the massively underrated video game series.

However, its listing on the Xbox site could also be an actual technical error with no real implications behind it. Everything should be clear as day within the upcoming weeks when Microsoft reveals the next set of additions to the Xbox Game Pass roster.

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