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After a PS5 update, your console may greet you with a blue screen and a loading bar titled “Rebuilding database.” Don’t worry; this is a perfectly normal process. So what does it mean

Why is my PS5 showing “Rebuilding database?”

Rebuilding the console’s database is usually a manual action. This process is a fix for consoles that are encountering errors on their home screen, such as uninstalled game icons not disappearing or unusually slow loading times.

A database rebuild won’t add or remove any user data, game data, or installed apps. It simply recreates the database, fixing any errors along the way. It can also make your console more responsive.

If you didn’t trigger a database rebuild manually, it was likely triggered by the latest update. Occasionally, updates require a database rebuild to work correctly, and this can take minutes or hours, depending on how much data you store. Once the rebuild is finished, you can use your console as normal.

It’s recommended to perform a database rebuild regularly to optimize the loading times of your PS5. Once your PS5 is back up and running, celebrate with a new game. Our review of Resident Evil 4 Remake noted it was a significant improvement over the original.

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